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Tumbledown Returns

2 Apr

~ Mike Herrera of Tumbledown | iPhone ~

Tumbledown’s two-dozen-show, monthlong tour to and from the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin Texas came to a close this week as the band returned to Bremerton March 31.

We catch up on the 900-some-mile drive across the desert from San Antonio to Arizona and the band’s West Coast conquests in their latest and last NXSW Tour Diary. And the band will be catching up with everyone at a homecoming show w/ The New Old Stock and Handlebar Mustangs at 9 p.m. April 2 @ Winterland, 1220 Sylvan Way in Bremerton. The show is 21+, $5 cover.

Then next week, Tumbledown tumbles back onto the road for another North By Southwest Tour — this time for their first few shows south of the border, April 7-17.

Find more Tumbledown @ www.tumbledownhq.com.


A Few Words w/ Little Miss Risk

27 Feb

~Liquor, monocles & revolvers, BJB & the Voodoo Dollz | Ed Araquel~

Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz — a rock-n-roll burlesque group from Vancouver, B.C. — bring their booze-swillin’, fire-blowin’, face-rockin’ antics to Bremerton’s Winterland tonight (Feb. 27), joining a stacked line up which features the roving Reverend Dead Eye’s No Man Gospel Band, Seattle’s Hard Money Saints, and Kitsap’s own living legend James Hunnicutt. The show is 21+ w/ a $10 cover, starting around 9:30 p.m. @ Winterland, 1220 Sylvan Way in Bremerton. More @ myspace.com/winterlandrocks, www.bigjohnbates.com.

We caught up with the lead Voodoo Doll Little Miss Risk (at right above) for a few words on booze, burlesque, BJB and life on the road for March’s upcoming print edition, dedicated to traveling artists. . . Continue reading

Mos Generator to shred again

19 Feb

~ The storied Port Orchard band returns Saturday @ Winterland ~

It’s been about a year since we’ve heard much of anything from Port Orchard Seventies Rock Preservationists Mos Generator.

Following an opening spot w/ Rush @ The Gorge and a European Tour with Texas band Blood of the Sun over the summer of 2008, Mos has been on hiatus without any official word on what was going on. The three-piece had found itself at odds amidst the rise in demand for the band.

“We hadn’t talked in pretty much a year,” said guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed. “But the hiatus. . . we all like each other, you know, it was just, I wanted more from the band. I wanted to go on the road more and stuff.”

But drummer Shawn Johnson, being a business owner/manager in Port Orchard, wasn’t able to afford as much free time. So, midstride, the band stopped and all but dropped off the radar for the better part of year. Continue reading

Scenes from the Jan. 30 punk-tacular @ Winterland

6 Feb

Last weekend the punks came out — and took over — Bremerton’s Winterland. [See the ‘Punk’s Not Dead in Bremerton’ post from a few days ago.]

Here’s a bit of the madness you might’ve missed out on — or reveled in — as part of that insane, capacity crowd… courtesy of Bremerton videographer Chuckin McUppets. This is “Fuck, Riot, Rob & Steal” by (motherfuckin’) Neutralboy, from their forthcoming album “From Normal To Wierdo.”

Get more Neutralboy tomorrow night (Feb. 6) @ El Corazon w/ The Dwarves in Seattle and also online @ myspace.com/neutralboy.

And see more of Chuckin’s fine work @ youtube.com/charliemac64.

Punk’s Not Dead in Bremerton

31 Jan

Long-standing Bremerton punk band Neutralboy — a band damn near 20 years deep — is set to record a live record tonight (Jan. 30) @ Winterland, with the esteemed Tony Reed on the board.

And as if that weren’t enough evidence that punk’s not dead in Bremerton, long-gone Btown punks Brainsick — a band which formed in 1993 before relocating to Bellingham and wreaking havoc until disbanding in 1998 — will have their resurrection… er reunion, at the same show.

Add to the docket another storied and stalwart Kitsap punk band in The Enemies Of plus Dead Giveaways — featuring three members of the hard-rockin’ long-runnin’ Longview band Jackmove — and you’ve got yourself one hell of a punk show.

9:30 p.m., Jan. 30, 21+, $5 cover @ Winterland, 1220 Sylvan Way in Bremerton. Info @ myspace.com/winterlandrocks.

A Night w/ The New Old Stock

30 Jan


~The Rocky Point/Tumbledown/Chebon Tiger Band~

Meet one of the most impressive bands from the Kitsap Peninsula: The New Old Stock.

You might not be able to tell from that picture above. Drummer Harley Trotland says it doesn’t quite do the band’s face rippin’ blues justice. Not quite “go-getting enough,” he said.

And he’s right. See them live (maybe tonight, 9 p.m. Jan. 30 @ The Hi-Fideltity Lounge, 2711 Sixth St. in Bremerton) and you’ll know what he’s talking about. Continue reading

Callow on Callow — and a few other out-of-towners

8 Jan

Callow — a 6-year-old San Francisco indie rock band — comes to Bremerton’s Callow Avenue for a show @ The Chuck tonight (Jan. 8)…. which brings up a quick study of that word ‘callow’ — an adjective that means “lacking adult sophistication; immature” according to Webster’s.

Anyhow… The Bay Area band is joined by Alligators, Chyeah! Chyeah!, Rishloo and Ambulance. Doors @ 7 p.m., all ages, bar w/ ID, $5 cover @ The Charleston Music Venue, 333 Callow Ave. in Bremerton. For more on Callow, see myspace.com/callowrocks.

And here’s a few other out-of-towners coming to Kitsap that you might not want to miss: Continue reading