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Hermes Goes to Houston

24 Mar


‘Everybody Else Was Having A Bad Day’

~A Short Story by John Diaz~

Hermes Vasques dreamt of freshly lain foundation bricks. The mortar bulged under the weight of new layers, which he carefully trimmed with the edge of his trowel. He stacked basalt bricks, one atop the other in the morning Texas sun. He felt good knowing that by high noon, his garage foundation would be complete. Suddenly, the structure started to collapse. He fell backward as bricks toppled into his lap.

Hermes awoke with a start.

A child of six or seven years was standing on his legs, climbing to a folding table behind him. A younger girl was hiding below the table, giggling. Hermes scooped up the child by the thighs and the jacket, and gave him a gentle toss onto the table. The kid landed on all fours, squealing in a mixture of protest and delight. Hermes stood up and straightened his shorts and shirt. Brushing away the imaginary kid dirt, he maintained an indignant posture. Over the top of the smaller dryers, he could see the two larger dryers that contained his laundry. Hermes’ two towels, sleeping bag, work pants and blue terry cloth bath robe were dry . . . Continue reading


. . . Meanwhile on Callow:

5 Feb

While Collective Visions celebrates its third annual CVG Show with a big First Friday party tonight (5-8 p.m., 331 Pacific Ave., at which people’s choice voting for the statewide show concludes) another Bremerton artists collective — The Artists for Freedom and Unity — is throwing a bash to stay alive.

The non-profit artists union — which marks its third year in business next weekend Feb. 13 — hosts the punk-sonic stylings of the brazen Generation Decline, the legendary Gadzooks, the emphatic Atracity, the brash Americommies, and the beloved Cuntry Cuntroll, with doors at 6 p.m. tonight (Feb. 5) @ 318 Callow Ave.

The show is — as always at the AFU — all ages… with a short bar in the back for those 21+… $5 donation to keep the AFU open.

Find more about the non-profit @ the show and @ myspace.com/artfreeunity.

Loud, fast, hard-hitting punk

12 Nov

~YIA, RWD and Degenerated | Photos: oldhcdude, Angel and Joe Fox~

If you’re into loud, fast, hard-hitting punk, November 14th at the Artists for Freedom and Unity Hall on Callow in Bremerton is the show for you.

On the list to play is: Bremerton’s own B-town punks YIA who play fast political punk; Tacoma street punks Red White and Die; the young, up-and-coming Centralia band Degenerated; Bellingham’s crust punks Muppet Fetish; and a new Bremerton band playing their first show — Atracity — with members from The Extinct and 47.

Donations go to Punk Beds — a fundraiser for bunk beds to be built for touring punk bands. (From our debut print edition)… Continue reading