The Assasinators Unleash ‘Weaving Spiders’

2 Apr


~ Get the new Assasinators album tonight (April 2) @ the Chuck ~

‘Who wants it?’ Assasinators’ guitarist Parris Shepherd held up a shrink-wrapped copy of the Assasinators’ new album ‘Weaving Spiders Come Not Here’ in front of a frenzied packed house at the Charleston last month, mentioning their upcoming CD release show April 2.

“I wanna see blood and you can have it,” he added in a half-sarcastic tone.

“No, no, no,” lead singer Paul Koresh butted in half-sincerely, shaking his head, walking upstage. “We don’t wanna see any blood.”

“No, I wanna see blood,” Shepherd contended. “I don’t even care if it’s your own blood.”

It’s hard to tell whether they’re joking or not. I’m guessing it’s probably a little bit of both as the band kicks into a song off the new record about the inherent danger of dealing with the FBI.

It’s a similar feeling you get listening to the Assasinators’ new album — which they’ll release tonight, April 2 @ the Charleston w/ YIA, Red White & Die, Nunchuksky and Cuntry Cuntroll for Barbie’s Birthday before heading out on their first tour down the West Coast later this month.

The whole album is an adept tight rope walk between blatant abrasiveness and sing-along-ability.

The band said they recorded the album twice on their own in a three-bedroom trailer turned practice space at a Belfair wrecking yard, before calling on the pop-punk maestros at Monkey Trench Studios to produce the follow-up to their 2008 “Rumors of Wars.”

“I think we just got tired and said ‘Fuck it, let’s go to Mike (Herrera),” Shepherd said. “Usually we’d go into the studio and think, ‘Oh shit, we’re paying money for this,’ and tense up. But this time, we’d done it before, so we just walked right through.”

And that mastery shines throughout the 13-track kick to the teeth. [NICK SLEDGE]

THE ASSASINATORS join YIA, Red White & Die, Nunchuksky and Cuntry Cuntroll for the CD release show for ‘Weaving Spiders Come Not Here’ tonight, April 2 @ The Charleston. All Ages, Bar w/ ID, $5 cover, doors @ 7 p.m. More @ More Assasinators @


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