Multiple Kitsap bands hitting the road, that is rad.

17 Mar

~ Generation Decline @ Libertatia, California, 2009 | Photo: oldhcdude ~

The return of the sun always seems to invoke a little wanderlust around this time of year. In the Kitsap music scene, the coming of spring brings a flurry of tours and abounding albums from local bands. One of the most epic — Tumbledown’s 7000-mile journey to and from SXSW is featured on this month’s cover — but they’re not the only ones getting out of town. . .


“It’s our turn to get hammered and get kicked out of places,” a sign reads on the front door of The Charleston Music Venue announcing they will be closed March 18-21. The crews’ bands — Generation Decline and Y.I.A — are off for a DIY Oregon Weekender with fellow Bremerton punks Atracity, headed as far south as they can get in a few days on the Pyrate Punx ticket.

If any local band deserved to tour, it would have to go these cats, who run, book and operate one of Bremerton’s steady homes for touring bands in The Charleston. One of the pitfalls of undergoing such an venture is the time thats lost for these talented musicians’ own bands in providing a place for others to play. But I’m sure once they do get on the road, they’ve got a lot of friends along the way, eager to reciprocate.

While this weekend seems more of a getaway than full-on tour, later this summer, Generation Decline and Y.I.A are planning on going east, on their first tour to the East Coast, slated for late August.

Check out Y.I.A, Generation Decline and Atracity tonight, St. Patrick’s Day, with Asymmetric Warfare and Sarafan @ the Charleston, 333 Callow Ave. in Bremerton — ‘A Celebration of Beer and Soda’ and their tour kickoff.

Find more @,,


Speaking of forthcoming albums, the Assasinators have woven a wicked piece of work w/ “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here.” It’s slated for release April 2 and to go along with it, the band has slung together a rager down the West Coast, April 15-May 1 — The I-5 Assassins Tour. They’ve booked their own shows to the Bay Area and back, picked up a madman, Eric McFadden, on bass, and another madman, Jack Maddox, to paint the wicked ‘Weaving Spiders’ album cover art on the back of their trailer. They head out shortly after their CD release show April 2 @ The Charleston [333 Callow Ave., Bremerton, all ages, $5, 7 p.m.].

Also see them this month @ Chaospalooza in Seattle March 27. More @


And another anxiously awaited upcoming album: Neutralboy’s enigmatic and emphatic “From Normal To Weirdo.” The album’s going through its finishing touches, while the band is plotting a tour from normal to weirdo in May.

See them this month, tonight, St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 @ Hell’s Kitchen, 928 Pacific Ave. in Tacoma.

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