Mos Generator to shred again

19 Feb

~ The storied Port Orchard band returns Saturday @ Winterland ~

It’s been about a year since we’ve heard much of anything from Port Orchard Seventies Rock Preservationists Mos Generator.

Following an opening spot w/ Rush @ The Gorge and a European Tour with Texas band Blood of the Sun over the summer of 2008, Mos has been on hiatus without any official word on what was going on. The three-piece had found itself at odds amidst the rise in demand for the band.

“We hadn’t talked in pretty much a year,” said guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed. “But the hiatus. . . we all like each other, you know, it was just, I wanted more from the band. I wanted to go on the road more and stuff.”

But drummer Shawn Johnson, being a business owner/manager in Port Orchard, wasn’t able to afford as much free time. So, midstride, the band stopped and all but dropped off the radar for the better part of year.

“I just called Shawn up one day to say, ‘Hey, How’s it goin’,’” Reed said. “And about a minute into this conversation, I was just like, ‘You wanna jam man?’

“We’re musical brothers, you know what I mean?” Reed went on. “We’ve been playing together for like 20 years. Why not go ahead and at least continue the ease of playing together, even on a minor level.”

Which is where the band finds itself with this Feb. 20 gig @ Winterland. Reed says he doesn’t want people to get their hopes up and then be disappointed. Mos isn’t planning a ‘reunion tour’ or even a bunch of shows, “unless it’s something cool,” Reed said.

“We might just hole up and make a record,” he adds.

As for the road lust, Reed formed Stone Axe w/ Dru Brinkerhoff of the Swinos (which incidentally plays tonight March 19 w/ Madmartigan and Big Wheel Stunt Show @ The Charleston Music Venue), and said maybe he’ll even start another band with another completely different type of music to take on the road.

He’s just trying to stay busy.

As for Mos, he said, “It’s gonna be fun getting out there and seeing if anybody cares about this shit.”
Shyeah… I’m guessing there’ll be one or two. [ NICK SLEDGE ]

MOS GENERATOR w/ Ruxton Towers and Sower of Dischord, 9:30 p.m., Feb. 20 @ Winterland, 1220 Sylvan Way in Bremerton. 21+, $5. More @


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