. . . Meanwhile on Callow:

5 Feb

While Collective Visions celebrates its third annual CVG Show with a big First Friday party tonight (5-8 p.m., 331 Pacific Ave., at which people’s choice voting for the statewide show concludes) another Bremerton artists collective — The Artists for Freedom and Unity — is throwing a bash to stay alive.

The non-profit artists union — which marks its third year in business next weekend Feb. 13 — hosts the punk-sonic stylings of the brazen Generation Decline, the legendary Gadzooks, the emphatic Atracity, the brash Americommies, and the beloved Cuntry Cuntroll, with doors at 6 p.m. tonight (Feb. 5) @ 318 Callow Ave.

The show is — as always at the AFU — all ages… with a short bar in the back for those 21+… $5 donation to keep the AFU open.

Find more about the non-profit @ the show and @ myspace.com/artfreeunity.


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