A Night w/ The New Old Stock

30 Jan


~The Rocky Point/Tumbledown/Chebon Tiger Band~

Meet one of the most impressive bands from the Kitsap Peninsula: The New Old Stock.

You might not be able to tell from that picture above. Drummer Harley Trotland says it doesn’t quite do the band’s face rippin’ blues justice. Not quite “go-getting enough,” he said.

And he’s right. See them live (maybe tonight, 9 p.m. Jan. 30 @ The Hi-Fideltity Lounge, 2711 Sixth St. in Bremerton) and you’ll know what he’s talking about.

That term — ‘new old stock’ — refers to merchandise offered for sale that was manufactured long ago but never put to use. This is not the first band that has used the term as its title. Boston-by-way-of-Bainbridge band The Bee Eaters (which incidentally plays Feb. 5 on Bainbridge) called themselves New Old Stock until they found some 80s rap group with the same name.

But the title seems especially apt in this case.

For example, owners of old and antique vehicles seek NOS parts to keep their rigs in factory condition. Similarly brothers Harley and Marshall Trotland (drums and bass in The New Old Stock) and Jack Parker (lead guitar) have been called upon by the local musical elite in recent years.

First the trio formed Rocky Point All Stars w/ frontman K.W. Miller. Later they were sought out by MxPx frontman Mike Herrera for his country/pop-punk-abilly side project Tumbledown. Tony Reed initially employed the Trotland brothers as the rhythm section for his new project Stone Axe. Former Jupiter Mining Corporation member Marc Harris has called on the talented Trotlands for his latest project Thick As Thieves — a band which joins The New Old Stock (tonight) Jan. 30 @ the Hi-Fidelity.

But perhaps nowhere is the most in-demand rhythm section and lead guitarist in the county more fit than with soulful harp-and-guitar-weilding bluesman Chebon Tiger in The New Old Stock.

Three of the bands four members made up The Chebon Tiger band in the early part of this decade. They return in The New Old Stock with something that sounds like “all of our other bands combined.” It sounds like something you’d hear coming out of some smoky blues club, sharing the stage with B.B. King or Stevie Ray. It’s immaculate old-schooledness. Which brings us back to the meaning of new old stock.

During a recent show @ Winterland — heralded ‘An Evening with The New Old Stock’ — the audience was notably old school. Midway through the set, the band swung through an upbeat number, gettin their mojo working which came to an epic blues crescendo ending. After the audience applause peaked and faded, the old man sitting next to me looked over wide-eyed and said, “whoa… they fuckin’ nailed that one.”  [BiLL MiCKELSON]

Catch The New Old Stock w/ Thick As Thieves Jan. 30 @ The Hi-Fidelity Lounge, 2711 Sixth St. in Bremerton Then again Feb. 12 w/ Tumbledown @ The Manette Saloon, 2113 E. 11th St. in Bremerton.

Both shows are 21+, 9 p.m., $5 cover. Find tunes and more info @ myspace.com/thenewoldstock.


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