Shameless Self Promotion

23 Jan

~Smokestack Vinyl Night Jan. 29 | Poster: MLS Jr~

So. . . The Smokestack is on Facebook now. You can link to it here in this purely self-serving Smokestack post. We’re also on Twitter… you Twitter-ites can follow us @kitsmokestack.

But word has it “Twitter is so 2009.”

Taking it back even further… more like 1979… The Smokestack is hosting a Vinyl Night Jan. 29 @ the Drift Inn in downtown Bremerton… setting up a live action vinyl jukebox w/ DJ FUKPHACE (Mike Moen from Neutralboy) and MC SIDESHOW (Pat Makins from Rewind) spinnin your old records in support of the Smokestack. Dave Ryan’s also gonna be bringing his stencil-on-vinyl painted records for the party… plus live music, stiff drinks and more. (See flyer above for the info).

And to follow up on this shamelessly self-promoting post, here’s a slightly self-serving public service announcement from our January edition…. (don’t forget the next Smokestack is out Jan. 28)…


This is a FREE publication… but it costs more than $1 per copy to make.

Whether or not it’s recognized, a fully functioning free press is vital to a functioning democracy. In order for citizens to do their part of the equation, they must be informed — which is where this vehicle for information comes in.

But that’s not exactly why we’re doing this.

There’s a million vehicles for information out there these days on the information superhighway. Jounralists have become more shit-sifters than gatekeepers anymore. Virtually anyone can publish any information (credible or not) at virtually no cost, behind a veil of anonymity on some blog. Now more than ever, we need a critical eye to sift through the abundance of crap to get to the nugget of truth.

But that’s not exactly why we’re doing this either.

The Smokestack is a creature of necessity. We looked around and saw firsthand a blatant and wonton disregard for our town’s alternative community. The breakfast-table friendly corporate newspapers won’t touch half of the issues that arise in the alternative culture because they either A) don’t consider it news since it doesn’t come in the form of a press release or B) they’re worried they might offend their mainstream advertisers. The latter is understandable given the current climate of the print industry (see page 10-11). but either way, their ‘reasoning’ is bullshit.

The alternative community deserves to be heard and it’s got a lot to say — which is exactly why we are doing this.
The Smokestack carries the guiding principle that it’s content be free — both intellectually unbound and free to the reader. Beyond that, we’ll let the chips fall.

In order to do that — and provide an actual print product rather than just some blog — we need your help. Be it through becoming a member, advertising, donating or just coming out to party at one of our Smokestack Soirees.

Last month on Callow, in an overwhelming show of support, our readers, sponsors and supporters stepped up to cover all of our printing costs for January. And then some. (See our books @ left) We can’t thank you enough.

As a debt of gratitude, we’ll be doing it all again this month — playing your vinyl records by request at the Smokestack Vinyl Night, Jan. 29 @ the Drift Inn. [HANK VINCENT]


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