Earl Brewster III’s Bombing Campaign set to go off tonight… Bombs Away!

28 Nov


~The Bombing Campaign | Smokestack~

The Bombing Campaign — a guerilla music/performance art collective six months in the making from the mind of Rewind frontman Earl Brewster III — features: spoken word artists Downey, Al Davis, Chris Fetus, David Olivias and Brewster himself along with rappers Richi from Fat Camp, Pat Makins and Tyroneus from the Game Runnaz Records Crew, the sultry new age folk singer JJ, Brewster with Brian Duclos, Chris Brooks and Eric McFadden in the Last of A Dying Breed and more, all going off at 9:30 p.m. tonight, Nov. 28 @ The Manette Saloon in Bremerton.

Here’s a run down of the explosive amalgamation from our December print edition:


~EB3 | Photo: Diamond Photography~

Sometime ago, clihce as it may be, Earl Brewster III had the feeling that people were hungry for something different.

He knew that he was.

A stolid 12-year veteran of local hip hop and rock shows, frontman for the Bremerband Rewind, a passionate and intellectual rapper/emcee/performer/truthspeaker — Brewster was frustrated and in need of an outlet when his band started drawing to a halt.

“Then I met this guy,” he points to Bombing Campaign poet Christopher Downey, “and saw that he had some good poems.

“And I met this guy,” he points to Chris Fetus — a fork-tongued quick talker with a skeleton fetus tattooed on his stomach — “and I saw that he had some good shit goin…

“And then one night,” EB3 went on. “I was watching Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam. And I was like, fuck it man, I wanna do that… and I know some cats that can do that kind of thing.”

Building on that idea, support started coming together one person at a time over the next six months. One person led to another as the cast grew to more than a dozen poets, rappers, actors and musicians in all.

“This thing has really been treated like a campaign,” Brewster said.

EB3, joins fellow Rewind members Brian Duclos and Chris Brooks along with Eric McFadden, of Gimmie Guns and Cutry Cuntroll, to form Last of a Dying Breed — The Bombing Campaign’s only full band, which will go on during the three-hour performance’s second act, followed by a huge hip-hop finale.

“There’s two acts,” Brewster explains. “The first act is a show, the second act is a concert.”

The Campaign alternates through a slate of slightly obscure art forms, at least in Bremerton — spoken word to hip hop to acting to improv — all tethered back to that familiar barroom rock show atmosphere mixed in with that of some weird late night variety show.

It’s kind of hard to wrap one’s head around.

“I remember when Earl first told me about it, I couldn’t really get a mental picture of it,” Bombing Campaign member David Olivias — of Crushproof Juicebox, formerly of Redemption City — concurred.
“No one knew what the fuck I was trying to pitch to them,” Brewster said with a grin. “But they all wanted to be a part of it… And I’m grateful for that.”

References to shows like Conan O’Brien and Kids in the Hall come into play because, it’s that kind of show: you either you get it or you don’t.

One can tell by looking at the flyer that it’s more than just a flyer, more than just another concert.

It’s funny, but it can also get quite serious. It is a ‘bombing campaign’ after all, and EB3 — the creator, writer and director of the whole thing — is a self-professed poly-sci freak.

The show opens with a hip hop one-act, a story told through a song, called “She Was Alone,” in which, Brewster walks in on his girl with another dude.

“That song basically lets people know exactly what they’re getting into right off the bat,” Brewster says. “It’s like that movie… what was it, ‘Bruno’… where he’s shakin’ his dick for like five minutes straight at the start of the movie. That’s ‘She Was Alone’ — that’s what this song is for us.”

Comically, he goes on to enunciate the swingin’ dick… but on a serious tip, Brewster notes one of the best things about the group, in his mind, is the amount of virtually unknown talent on the bill.

“Like JJ,” Downey interjects, speaking of the local soulful, new age folksinger. “She’s like an angel, and she’s never been on a stage outside of the AFU or the Charleston.”

Similar to Downey himself. He’s a deft wordsmith, a poet, a spoken word artist, whatever you want to call it. He writes. He flows. He’s dope. But before Brewster brought up The Bombing Campaign, Downey had never performed his work before.

One doesn’t find many venues, or crowds, for spoken word on the peninsulas — especially in Bremerton.

“That’s what he’s done,” Downey says, gesturing to EB3. “He’s brought a vehicle for these kind of things to ride in.” [NICK SLEDGE]

The Bombing Campaign is set to go off at 9:30 p.m., Nov. 28 @ the Manette, 2113 E. 11th in Bremerton. 21+, $5 cover … myspace.com/manettesaloon.


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