Thee Smokestack In Print — No. 2

26 Nov

~Vol. 1, No. 2 | Smokestack~

Though you might be hard pressed to find a copy, the second print edition of Thee Kitsap Smokestack is out today. Happy Thanksgiving. Find it at the locations listed under Thee Smokestack In Print — probably starting Friday since most are closed for the Holiday.

Winterland will be open later this Thanksgiving evening, however, so you can nurse that tryptophan hangover with a nice stiff drink — or just ditch those annoying relatives. And tomorrow, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., The RockIt Roost will be partying for Black Friday, celebrating their First Anniversary with Silver City brews, champagne and mad deals, including their own version of ‘Deal or No Deal’ — all in-store.

And speaking of First Anniversaries… check out the cover story from this month’s Smokestack In Print: A Gonzo look from behind the patch of the international Pyrate Punx organization. The Bremerton Chapter, Local 029, celebrates its One Year Anniversarrry Bash Dec. 11. . .


You may have seen the not so shy pyrate skull and crossbones patches stitched over some of the familiar punks’ hearts around town.

Let me start by saying that WE ARE NOT A GANG.

If you’re looking for a definition, call us a non-profit music productions union. More realistically, we’re a handful of kids and adults who branched outside of what Bremerton had to offer to see what else we could bring to this town. We found the Pyrate Punx, a 12 year old organization that was founded in Oakland, CA. . . .
~United under the Black Flag | Pyrate Punx~

There are currently 31 chapters all around the world, each run independently and based on the equal rights of each member to vote. Although each chapter is run however the members of it see fit, we all have the common goal and have made the commitment to take care of each other while on the road.

This often includes setting up shows, making meals and providing a dry place for touring bands and friends to lay their heads for the night. We don’t limit ourselves to only taking care of other pyrates, as long as the respect is there everyone is welcome.

Growing up in Bremerton, I’ve seen venues rise and fall but there has always been a strong music scene craving new sounds and the sheer excitment that comes with playing, attending or putting on a live show.

The people of this town that care enough about the music scene to take action in supporting it deserve to be exposed not only to the music that is right in front of them, but all kinds that all different styles that out of town bands have to offer.

This is where the Pyrate Punx comes in.

Our local chapter puts on shows once a month usually featuring one or more out of town band as well as some favorite locals. These shows are for EVERYONE!

We often put on benefit shows sponsored by the Pyrate Punx with donations going to food banks, St. Vincent De Paul’s or our local animal shelter. Along with benefit shows we do a once a year giant potluck which everyone is welcome to attend and bring food. Some of the other neighboring Pyrate chapters come out to meet and greet and just support what we’ve got going for us here.

Adopting the Pyrate Punx into Bremerton has been exciting and beneficial. And with all of the amazing new family we’ve met, I can’t wait to see what the future is going to be not only for our chapter, but the Bremerton music scene as well.

People have already started to take matters into their own hands, not to mention the revolution that’s taking place on Callow.

You don’t have to be a Pyrate Punk to put on shows or take care of travelers, or bands, away from home. Props to all of you that have been doing this for years just for the satisfaction of knowing that those lifetime friends you just made over tons of beers, laughs and some noise no one else can stand, will have your back when you need them.

You are our inspiration.

Bremerton’s music scene will never die, we’re having way too much fun to shut up. Support your local scene. Go to a show, promote a show, start a band, support a band, do something to keep our music scene going. Help us put Bremerton back on the map. It’s our town, lets all take it back. [ANGEL PERRY]

…Angel Perry is a Pyrate Punk and a leading force behind Bremerton’s Charleston Music Venue…

The Bremerton Pyrate Punx celebrate their first anniversary w/ music from The Assasinators, James Hunnicutt, Streetwalker, Flex and more at 7 p.m. Dec. 11 @ The Chuck 333 Callow Ave in Bremerton. All Ages, bar w/ ID, $6. Pre-party starts down the road @ The AFU earlier that evening.

Also check out: The Bremerton Pyrate Punx Leftovers Potluck w/ Red, White & Die, The Wobblies (PDX), Militias Mischief, Atracity and Level III at 7 p.m. Nov. 28, all ages, bar w/ ID, $5 cover, $4 w/ potluck dish @ The Chuck.

Find more BPP shows in Thee Smokestack’s Concert Calendar …. And find more on the Pyrate Punx @


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