Loud, fast, hard-hitting punk

12 Nov

~YIA, RWD and Degenerated | Photos: oldhcdude, Angel and Joe Fox~

If you’re into loud, fast, hard-hitting punk, November 14th at the Artists for Freedom and Unity Hall on Callow in Bremerton is the show for you.

On the list to play is: Bremerton’s own B-town punks YIA who play fast political punk; Tacoma street punks Red White and Die; the young, up-and-coming Centralia band Degenerated; Bellingham’s crust punks Muppet Fetish; and a new Bremerton band playing their first show — Atracity — with members from The Extinct and 47.

Donations go to Punk Beds — a fundraiser for bunk beds to be built for touring punk bands. (From our debut print edition)…

It’s surely going to be a show not to miss.

Degenerated is one up-and-coming band you do not want to miss out on. They are ‘Hub City Hardcore Punk’ straight out of Centralia. Find them online @ myspace.com/ledegenerated. The band has put out one album to date: “Murder 101’ which was released in January of 2008. It’s full of hard-hitting, short, sweet punk songs sure to rock your ears. To get a copy, get off your ass and head to their next show!! ~ RYAN McDOW


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