Weird Night … Weird Art

7 Nov

It was a weird night for rock shows last night in Btown… First off the sour news that Stone Axe had to cancel their Winterland gig with the Missionary Position and The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank reportedly because their bass player is quarantined with swine flu.

The New Old Stock stepped in last minute. Tonight, Nov. 7, the heavy-handed Bremerband Madmartigan fills in for the Axe with Pivot Point at the Beachside in Port Orchard.

From the upcoming calendar, it looks like Stone Axe should be back in action next week — Nov. 13 at the Bit in Ballard and Nov. 21 at the Showbox. Find details and such at their space…

In other weird music news… word had it at last night’s psychobilly show at the Charleston, that after a short reunion this year, Wreckin Machine is done for good… again.

In homage to all the weirdness I spent the morning drinking coffee and staring at Dave Ryan’s Manticore Stencil Art @ Olympic Coffee in East Bremerton.

And speaking of Mochas with a Manticore… here’s a weird story about Dave Ryan’s wicked awesome work (from our Debut Print Edition). . . . .


~ Dave Ryan doin’ the ‘Bud-man’ | Photo: James Munk~

A manticore, Dave Ryan explains, is almost like a sphynx.

According to the Canadian online Medieval Bestiary, it’s a composite beast, combining a blood-red-colored lion’s body with the face of a blue-eyed man and a tale like the sting a scorpion. It can leap great distances. Very active. Sometimes they have big dragon wings, Ryan says.

“But actually, it’s kind of hazy, if you look for it,” the artist delves in. “If you wikipedia it, you’ll get a few different descriptions… But if you’re ever watching the movie ‘The Manticore,’ it’s really not worth seeing. It’s on Sci-Fi every once in a while… just skip over it. Not Manticore-approved.”

Manticore is also the moniker Ryan has chosen for his distinctly-delivered spray paint stencil art.

The 26-year-old is probably most well-known for his stencil paitnings of pop culture icons on old vinyl records. You can find his work around town — at Olympic Coffee or Hi-Los Cafe or West Side Pizza — or posted to a telephone pole somewhere. He’s also on myspace and Flikr @ /manticorestencilart.

“You know, all these street artists, or people who do stencil art, or graffiti, or whatever, they always have this badass name and a whole persona.” Ryan said. “I just wanted something silly and regal-sounding.”

He said doesn’t even sign most of his paintings, unless someone asks him to. Of the some 600 he’s sold in the past year, he’s signed maybe 10 of them.

“If I ever get rich and famous, I don’t think a first print’s gonna be worth anything,” he laughed.

But that doesn’t seem to matter too much right now. He’s busy with more important things like getting married, backpacking to all four corners of the United States and being artist-in-residence at a historic beach house in Westport. And, of course, churning out his incredibly infectious art — selling painted records at $20 a pop, and paying the rent from it.

The born-and-raised Bremertonian said he’s planning on moving to Westport soon, after the wedding and all, to a rent-free place where he’ll chop wood to make his own heat. But he plans to come back regularly and replenish his paintings. ~ JAMES MUNK


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  1. aestar101 November 7, 2009 at 10:56 pm #

    That seems very cool

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