And the next Bremerton Mayor is . . .

4 Nov

As of yet undecided… The race for Mayor of Bremerton was too close to call as the Kitsap County Auditor released its initial counts earlier this evening… Polls are closed and the numbers are: Will Maupin with 2,392 votes for 48.11%… Patty Lent with 2,433 votes for 48.93%… And a walloping write-In candidate commanding 147 votes for a dismal 2.96% — split between all write-in candidates.

All votes are yet to be counted. As a large majority of voters across the state have transitioned to the mail-in ballot, therefore those and the ballots collected at polling sites are still to be counted…

Check back with the county for final results on measures across the ballot…. Check back with Moen Nov. 8 @ Winterland as Neutralboy throws down an at-least-you-gave-them-all-the-finger non-election party in honor of the altruistic write-in candidate.

And check back with The Smokestack for more alternative culture smut!!


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