Scenes from the Scrapyard Massacre. . . . some spoooky shit

29 Oct

~ Keeping the creepy guy caged up | Photo: Rudis Puella ~

Here’s a preview of a sick and twisted Halloween Special — a wicked photo essay from Rudis Puella @ Belfair’s Scrapyard Massacre.

Being the season for spooks… we sent our intrepid photographer all the way to the seventh circle of hell, for some of the scariest shit we could find…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Check out a photo page of Rudies Puella’s Scrapyard imagery in the triumphant first printed edition of Thee Kitsap Smokestack…. ON THE STREETS TOMORROW…. TODAY….. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2009….


Whoa…. I got carried away…. also…. in the first print edition…. for even more Halloween spooks — a piece conjecturing an unruly punk rocker being elected mayor of bremerton…”

Find Thee printed Smokestack on a local merchants counter or at the end of a bartop near you soon.

Also…. right here online…. check out Rudis Puella’s Scrapyard Massacre Photo Essay in a full-length, full-color phlog, right here… (That’s right… I said phlog… photo-blog…. Can I coin that?)


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