Last Chance to See…

25 Oct

~’Bramble Blind’ | Print: Lynn Brofsky~

The Roby King Galleries’ annual Printmakers’ Invitational is — once again this year — an awesome amalgamation of fine art printmaking…

Hanging through Oct. 31 at 176 Winslow Way, just up from the ferry on the Island, the show features the intricate Lynn Brofsky (image above), the cryptic Stephen MacFarlane and a handful of others including Bainbridge Island printmaking professor Wendy Orville, and William and Robert Schlegel, among others….

This Lynn Brofsky image alone — which hangs in the front window of the Roby King — made it worth the trip for me. Now, if I just had the some-$5,000 to bring it home…. I guess as second best, next month, Nov. 11-Dec. 11, she’ll be featured at the Seattle Art Museum…. More on that @

More on the Printmakers’ Show @


One Response to “Last Chance to See…”

  1. Andrea October 27, 2009 at 11:33 pm #

    Thanks for the coverage! We certainly appreciate all the publicity we can get. Just a slight correction The Brofsky piece is only $2900! What a deal!
    Thank you again.
    Andrea Roby-King
    Co-owner, Co-Director

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