Evil Redneck Zombies — The Swinos

22 Oct

Disbanded Port Orchard cow-punks The Swinos slogged out an updated playlist the other day over the myspace… which I enjoyed immensely, listening to over and over and over, for the first time in a long time. I couldn’t resist passing along to you dudes… find it here.

Whether you remember the band or not, the tunes are immortal…. Check out “Deadsville,” a nice zombie-rousing number, which starts as the band heads out to play ‘a show out in the sticks’…. also, another one of my favorites from the seminal Swinos’ album “Piss Drunk & Spinnin” — “MPH” @ ‘666 miles an hour!!!’

And then there’s of ‘Mike’s Song’… and ‘Something Strange’… and ‘Snake’…. ah, fuck it, take a couple, 15 minutes and listen to the whole damn thing. If you’re e-lazy or don’t have the time… here’s a youtube of ‘MPH’ attached for corner cutters. Thanx to Flames.

And Much respect to the Swinos.


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