Bremerton: Joe Buck Yourself

18 Oct

~’Fuck Yeah Motherfuckers!’ |

Joe Buck is a man possessed.

Last night (Oct. 17), the “bonafide, evil, motherfucking one mand band” worked a heavy crowd into a mosh-pitting, fist-pumping frenzy under the wicked red lights of Bremerton’s Winterland. He brought his demonic sonics to town on tour with the incredible .357 String Band — joining local luminary James Hunnicutt for the evening.

“One of the best shows of the year,” the Winterland heralded.

Hunnicutt opened with his signature crooning, followed by Milwaukee’s .357 String Band, which is just that — an old fashioned string band: with acoustic guitar, upright bass, banjo, mandolin and three-piece harmonies amped up on amphetamines — effectively bringing the crowd right up to the brink.

When Joe Buck took the stage, he had the audience howling and chanting like some kind of satanic seance.

“The Devil is On His Way!” They screamed.
“The Devil is On His Way!” Louder yet.
“The Devil is On His Way!” They chanted along to the song of the same name.

“Fuck Yeah Motherfuckers!” Joe Buck growled back his approval.

The funny thing about all the most pits and ‘fuck yeahs!’ was: this was an all-acoustic show. Not one of the evening’s acts employed a single electric guitar. I can’t remember any other acoustic show I’ve been to with as much fist-pumping and middle fingers — not to mention full-on mosh pits.

But then again, this wasn’t your average acoustic show.

It wasn’t an average show at all.

“I want your blood!” Some lady yelled from the front row in the dead air between songs.

“You want my blood?” Joe Buck laughed. “Well, I’ve been dead for about three years… And, so this is … well… .”

The blue collar intellectual anti-hero — the once infamous sidekick to Hank Williams III — then trailed off into his next song as Winterland’s show room floor slammed against itself, dissolving into something of a drunken folk riot.

“Hillbilly pride’s goin’ nationwide!” They chanted along with another song.

“Fuck Yeah Motherfuckers,” Joe Buck concurred.

FIND MORE JOE BUCK @ and Hear more .357 String Band @, and more Hunnicutt @


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