Bremerton’s Next Mayor?

10 Oct

~Vote Moen. | Photo: Rudis Puella~

After an already freakish week in local politics — in which the Bremerton Patriot reported that Deborah Jackson, an upstart write-in candidate for Bremerton Mayor, was wanted for second-degree forgery in Oklahoma — this week, The North Kitsap Herald reports: Local punker Mike Moen (the bespectacled frontman and frotteur of the Bremerton band Neutralboy) has also put his hat in the ring as a write-in candidate.

We’ll see what a background check turns up on that one.

Meanwhile, the mainstream candidates — Patty Lent and Will Maupin — ready for a cocktail-drenched rager of a mayoral debate, followed by the Boise, Idaho band Finn Riggins courtesy of The Bremelog. Doors at 7 p.m. Oct. 14 at the Hi Fidelity Lounge, 2711 Sixth St. in Bremerton.

All to say: “When the going gets wierd… the wierd turn pro.”
More to come on all scores from The Smokestack.


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